Metabo HPT 10-Gallon ASME Certified Reserve Air Tank (UA3810AB)

  • Model# UA3810AB

Highlights of the 10 Gallon Reserve Tank

  • All fittings included and installed
  • Certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
  • Industrial ball valve on input
  • Five quick connect couplers (4 unregulated + 1 regulated)
  • Roll cage design
  • 1-Year Warranty

The UA3810AB 10-Gallon ASME Certified Reserve Air Tank is the perfect addition to the jobsite to ensure the air pressure being supplied to all nailers is sufficient, and that the required PSI remains constant - even if the compressor is 200 or more feet away. Simply add this reserve air tank between the compressor and nailers and there will be enough pressure to power five or more nailers operating at the same time. In the event that a nailer requires less PSI than other nailers attached, the UA3810AB has that situation covered with its standard factory installed large knob regulator.
  • Covered by Metabo HPT's 1-year Tool Warranty
  • Same Tools, New Name. Metabo HPT is the new brand name for Koki Holdings America-formerly part of the Hitachi Group.
  • All fittings included and installed (except for four end fittings that need to be attached upon removal from packaging, for convenience and value)
  • Certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)  to ensure compliance with laws and regulations across all U.S. States   
  • Industrial ball (shut-off) valve on input allows the tank to be filled and disconnected from the compressor without draining itself
  • Five quick connect couplers (4 unregulated + 1 regulated) allow for easy one handed connections of hoses and/or splitters   
  • Roll cage design protects regulator and gauges
  • Industrial pressure gauges are encased in steel for high durability
  • Angled steel legs provide additional support, stability, and increase durability despite the abuse endured by hostile jobsite use
  • Steel tubular handle for easy jobsite transport and added comfort   
  • 10-gallon capacity ensures sufficient pressure to power five or more nailers at the same time
  • Reserve air tank connects between the compressor and attached nailers to bridge the distance of over 200 feet or more, while ensuring PSI remains constant
  • Standard factory installed large knob regulator is convenient in the event that a nailer (like a palm nailer for instance) might require less PSI than other nailers on the jobsite
  • Professional 1-Year Warranty for peace of mind
  • Available in the USA only
  • Download the UA3810AB Tool Card


  • (4) 1/4" Quick Connect Couplers with 3/8" NPT (889021)
  • (1) 1/4" Quick Connect Coupler [located on Regulator] with 1/4" NPT  (888020)
  • (1) Safety Relief Valve  (889014)
  • (1) Industrial Tank Pressure Gauge  (889015)
  • (1) Industrial Regulated Pressure Gauge  (889016)
  • (1) Industrial Ball (Shut-Off) Valve on Input  (889019)
  • (1) 1/4" Industrial Plug  (889018)