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Modern Advances Driven by Experience

Metabo HPT is a leader in the power tool industry because we are backed by decades of experience and exceptional engineering expertise. Our designs have brought more than one “first” to the industry, and our ongoing innovations keep driving us into the future.

Cross-Industry Expertise

We create products that apply to multiple industries because we want our customers to have reliable, durable Metabo HPT tools always at their disposal. Our diverse power tools and power tool accessories make it easy to conquer jobsites both large and small.

Home Building Tools

Home Building Tools

To build a home, you need a variety of tools designed for consistency and speed. Discover why we are a pro preferred brand.

Remodeling Tools

Remodeling Tools

Come well-equipped for any remodeling project with our selection of tools and accessories. Look through our full line of remodeling products.

Construction Tools Image

Construction Tools

An active construction site needs tools designed for strength and dependability. Explore our wide range of construction tools.