Our History of Innovation

From the beginning, the engineers of Metabo HPT have been driven by a passion for creating powerful, durable products. Our technology has made us pioneers in the power tool industry and a trusted brand among pros who work on the toughest projects.

Our Company

Metabo HPT history has been characterized by constant research and development by our dedicated team of engineers. For over 75 years, we have supplied our customers with tools they can count on. In fact, we have seen tools return for service that were purchased 20 years ago. The longevity of our products has led to many loyal customers over the decades and earned us a reputation as leaders in power tools, especially our renowned pneumatic nailers.

Our Technologies

Here are some of the firsts, improvements, and advanced technologies we have brought to the industry:

  • Sliding compound miter saw
  • Cordless impact driver
  • Collated automatic screwdriver
  • Pneumatic concrete nailer
  • Cordless screwdriver
  • Metal stud cutter
  • Portable rebar cutter/bender
  • 10-minute rapid charger
  • 2.0, 2.2, and 2.4 Ah Ni-Cad batteries
  • 3.0 Ni-MH batteries
  • Triple hammer impact driver with a 3-anvil system
  • Cordless nailers utilizing air spring drive technology
  • Use of rare earth magnet motors in cordless tools
  • Cylinder drive system for our nailers 
  • MultiVolt, the first power tool platform to be dual powered, either with a 36V battery or AC adapter
  • User vibration protection (UVP) to offer significant reduction in vibration 
  • Adding 3rd anvil to impact driver to increase beats per minute allowing for faster work with less effort

Our Background

With every innovation, we strive to provide what professionals need: lighter, faster, more durable tools. In 2017, our advancements as Hitachi Power Tools caught the attention of KKR, a leading global investment firm, who partnered with us to create Koki Holdings Co, Ltd., headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. In 2018, we were renamed Metabo HPT, which we now use across all of North America. Our brand is part of Koki Holdings America Ltd, the North American subsidiary of Koki Holdings Co, Ltd. Koki Holdings Co, Ltd. manufactures more than 1000 models of power tools, has obtained recognition under the ISO 9000 series international standards for quality assurance, and has received ISO 14001 certification for environmentally sound management. We continue to work with our parent company to expand and innovate into the future.


Our Timeline

  • 1948 - Hitachi Koki founded as a manufacturer of coal mining machinery and equipment and electric power tools
  • 1957 - Production of electric power tools reaches 1 million units
  • 1960 - Manufacturing of pneumatic tools started
  • 1968 - Production of electric power tools exceeds 5 million units
  • 1973 - Began export operations of electric power tools to the US
  • 1974 - Total cumulative power tool production surpasses 10 million units
  • 1979 - Cordless drills introduced to the market
  • 1980 - Hitachi Power Tools USA founded
  • 1982 - DV20VA–type microprocessor- controlled impact drill shipped, the world’s first electric power tool equipped with a microprocessor
  • 1985 - Production of power tools surpasses 30 million units
  • 1995 - Hitachi Power Tools USA was renamed to Hitachi Koki USA Ltd., to denote the addition of manufacturing to the US
  • 1995 - Electric Power Tools Division awarded ISO 9002 certification
  • 1997 - Hitachi Koki Canada Co. started
  • 1999 - Implemented simulation design technology, which uses a 3D CAD system to digitally engineer tools in advance in order to test and improve the tools before production begins
  • 2007 - Hitachi Koki acquires Nikko Tanaka Engineering and offers Tanaka outdoor power equipment in North America
  • 2016 - Hitachi Koki Co, Ltd., acquires Metabo Aktiengesellschaft (Metabo)
  • 2016 - Triple hammer impact driver featuring a unique 3-anvil system introduced to the market, significantly increasing torque and speed while decreasing the size and weight of the tool
  • 2017 - Cordless nailers utilizing our unique air spring drive technology launched, delivering similar performance to pneumatic nailers so the end user could experience total freedom and flexibility around the job site without the need for hoses or compressors
  • 2017 - Leading global investment firm, KKR partnered with our parent company, formerly Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd., now Koki Holdings Co., Ltd., so our name change process began
  • 2018 - Renamed to Koki Holdings America Ltd. in North America, including USA and Canada, representing the brand Metabo HPT
  • 2018 - Launched the game-changing MultiVolt platform of 18V and 36V power tools that allows a user to GO Longer, GO Lighter or GO All Day with their cordless tools
  • 2020 - Launched Industry’s first 18V MultiVolt Cordless Forming Duplex Nailer
  • 2021 - Launched Industry’s only 36V MultiVolt Cordless Metal Connector Nailer & Industry’s first 36V MultiVolt Cordless Plunge Router
  • 2022- Koki Holding’s America Ltd announced a merger of two organizations- Metabo HPT and Metabo in North America to further expand both brands under one roof based out of HQ in Braselton, GA