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It's Cordless, It's Corded, It's Both

Metabo HPT introduces MultiVolt: a cordless or corded solution that offers the power of a corded tool when powered by the 36V battery or revolutionary new AC adapter.

MultiVolt gives you the choice to operate all MultiVolt tools either:

1) MultiVolt 36 V battery - Get the power of corded tool with the freedom of cordless

2) MultiVolt AC adapter: No longer will production have to stop due to a drained battery. Just connect the AC adapter and keep working while the battery charges. 

You no longer need both a cordless and corded tool - MultiVolt is a one tool solution.

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New to the MultiVolt Lineup

MultiVolt 7 1/4in Miter Saw

MultiVolt 7 1/4 in Miter Saw

For the high-end carpenter that requires only the best for their jobsite, Metabo HPT introduces a miter saw that is superior in every way from cut to feel to durability. This is the kind of saw that generations will love.

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MultiVolt 36V Wet/Dry Vacuum


Use the 36 Volt MultiVolt Wet/Dry Pod Style Vacuum for cordless freedom on the jobsite. No longer will a cord be following around your cleanup.

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Finally, one tool can be powered with a battery or with AC power. With MultiVolt you get the power of a corded tool with the freedom of cordless plus the ability to run any MultiVolt tool with a 36 Volt 4.0 AH battery or with the revolutionary AC adapter.


AC Adapter with power cord

• Corded power
• All day runtime
• Works with all 36V MultiVolt tools
• 20 ft cord for more maneuverability
• Use with generators or extension cords with little to no power loss
36V Battery
Power similar to corded tools
• Cordless freedom
• Works with all 36V MultiVolt tools
• 4.0Ah runtime
• Uses higher capacity cells for more power and longer life


  • Imagine a cordless job site. No more tripping over cords. Run your tools with the powerful 36 battery

Backwards Compatible

  • 36V Battery Backwards Compatible to 18V works with all 18V Hitachi or Metabo HPT slide-type tools
  • Enjoy 8.0 Ah run-time on your Hitachi or Metabo HPT 18 volt power tools

MultiVolt Allows One Tool to be either Corded or Cordless - You Choose


MultiVolt tools can accept a 36V battery or Plug into an outlet with the AC Adapter


The MultiVolt platform changes what's possible on the job site by offering:

The power of a corded tool

The freedom of a cordless platform

The choice to operate all MultiVolt tools cordless OR corded 

YOU Decide!

36 Volt MultiVolt Battery

MultiVolt AC Adapter

MultiVolt Family of Tools


Multivolt Product Line

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