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What You May Want to Know About Power Drills

Cordless Drills are a key power tool for every pro and homeowner alike. Prior to the 1990s, there was a large portion of drills that came as a corded drill model, however by the 1990s the switch to cordless was gaining traction. Corded drills still have a place in the modern job site, however with advancements in lithium ion battery technology, cordless drills have cemented a place in the future of power tools.


There are two main types of drills available today. The first is the driver drill, that provides an ideal solution for screws and for drilling holes. The second option is called a hammer drill, which adds a hammering effect to the drill process to give extra power for more challenging drilling applications.

While drills tend to be the most popular power tool option, many homeowners and professional contractors will choose to add an impact driver or impact wrench to their tools to support adding and removing screws and bolts. Impact drivers and wrenches sense when you need additional torque and creates rotational impact force with a spring, hammer, and anvil. This additional force helps loosen stuck screws and bolts easier.


Many homeowners, DIY and Pros may want a cordless screwdriver for lighter work involving removing screws. Cordless screwdrivers give a compact option for light work adding and removing screws.


Finally, If you want more than one option in your toolbox, you may want to choose a combo kit which could have a drill and impact, drill and hammer drill or another assortment to suit your needs.

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