C3610DRA 36V MultiVolt Brushless 10" Dual Bevel Sliding Miter Saw with AC Adapter


  • MultiVolt AC Adapter (ET36A)
  • 10" Blade (372632)
  • 13mm Blade Wrench (372446)
  • Vise Assembly (372531)
  • Dust Bag (372578)
  • Support Rod Assembly x2 (372571)
  • 5mm Screw (372464)
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Metabo HPT introduces a revolutionary cordless-corded power tool solution that meets the power output demands on a jobsite. MultiVolt tools can accept a 36V battery OR plug into an outlet with the AC Adapter. This unique platform changes what's possible on the jobsite by offering the power of a corded tool, the freedom of a cordless platform and the choice to operate all MultiVolt tools cordless OR corded- YOU decide!
Experience tells you corded tools have more power than cordless. That may have been true UNTIL NOW. Metabo HPT's MultiVolt platform delivers the power needed to increase productivity and efficiency- regardless if the tools are being operated cordless or corded. When using the MultiVolt AC Adapter, it can be used over long extension cords from a generator with little to no power loss thanks to Metabo HPT's ultra-efficient Brushless motor technology.
Experience a safer jobsite by leaving the cord behind and choosing cordless when a cordless tool makes sense for the application. Go cordless when you don't have access to power and need to be able to move where the job takes you. When you do have access to power, save the battery for later and just plug in.
You're invested in your tools and no one ever wants to change battery platforms. That's why MultiVolt cordless batteries were designed with your 18V tools in mind. The battery delivers 4.0Ah of runtime at 36V in MultiVolt tools. It can also power Hitachi or Metabo HPT 18V cordless tools including cordless nailers for increased flexibility and multipurpose use. When a MultiVolt battery is used with an 18V tool, it generates an impressive 8.0Ah of run time. Continue using your Hitachi or Metabo HPT 18V tools and experience a longer battery life, thanks to MultiVolt battery innovation.
Metabo HPT's MultiVolt platform gives you the choice to go cordless or plug in - all with the same tool eliminating the need to have a corded tool AND a cordless version available on the jobsite. Choose MultiVolt to get the best of both worlds. Set yourself free and work anywhere without the need for corded power- up on a scaffold, building a fence out in a field, or building off the grid. Freedom is portability on the job. Or, if there's power available, insert the MultiVolt AC Adapter and reserve the MultiVolt battery for when you need portability to suit the application.

  • Part of the MultiVolt power tool platform that offers the power of a corded tool, the freedom of a cordless platform and the choice to operate all MultiVolt tools with a battery OR plug into an outlet- cordless or corded- you decide!
  • AC/DC convenience meaning the tool can be powered by a MultiVolt battery (sold separately) OR the MultiVolt AC Adapter (included)
  • FREE BATTERY OFFER (valid thru January 31, 2019) Purchase a MultiVolt tool, get a 36V MultiVolt Battery Free- visit www.metaboHPTfree.com to redeem
  • View the MultiVolt video
  • Features Brushless motor technology for more runtime, increased power and extended durability with essentially no maintenance
  • Zero rear clearance slide rails allow for efficient cutting in tight spaces or when the tool is placed against a wall
  • Up-front miter and bevel locks to easily adjust cut angles to best suit the application
  • 0-60 Degree miter angle to the right and 0-55 degree miter angle to the left for ultra-flexibility
  • 0-48 Degree bevel angle range to the right & left allows the user to quickly and easily flip the saw blade and leave the material in place
  • Large miter scale is easy to read and has detents at 0, 15, 22.5, 31.6 and 45 degrees for increased accuracy for various cuts
  • Detent over-ride button for faster, more efficient operation
  • Adjustable laser marker increases cutting accuracy
  • Depth setting control knob for dado and rabbit cuts
  • On-tool LED light to illuminate dimly lit work areas
  • Non- slip grip handle provides superior control and comfort
  • Weighs 45.5 lbs for stability and portability
  • Standard accessories include MultiVolt AC Adapter, 10" blade, 13mm blade wrench, vise assembly, dust bag, (2) support rod assembly and 5mm screw
  • Also available as tool body only- model C3610DRAQ4
  • Accepts a MultiVolt battery that delivers 4.0Ah of runtime at 36V in MultiVolt tools (sold separately)
  • Battery can also power Hitachi or Metabo HPT 18V slide type tools, including cordless nailers generating an impressive 8.0Ah of run time for increased flexibility and multipurpose use
  • With a 36V MultiVolt battery it's never been easier to tackle any job, anywhere, with the power you need
  • Higher capacity battery cell technology with 21700 cells that deliver over 1,440W of power- roughly 46% more capacity than a standard 18650 cell battery resulting in longer runtime and increased power output
  • 4-Stage fuel gauge located on the face of the battery to make it easier to monitor the charge status
  • MultiVolt battery pack is compact and lightweight at only 2.1lbs, eliminating and added bulkiness or weight
  • Multiplex Protection Circuit in the battery, communicates with the tool and charger preventing from over-load, over-charge and over-discharge to improve safety and ensure a long battery life
  • MultiVolt battery charges in 52 minutes using the UC18YSL3M charger (sold separately)
  • Charger has a built-in USB port that can charge USB enabled devices
  • Charger will also charge Hitachi and Metabo HPT 18V slide type batteries in addition to MultiVolt batteries
  • Insert the 36V MultiVolt battery when cordless portability suits the application or plug in to a power source and save the battery to get conventional corded use of a MultiVolt tool with the MultiVolt AC Adapter ET36A
  • With a 36V MultiVolt battery, it's never been easier to tackle any job, anywhere with the power you need
  • Covered by a 5-year tool body warranty
  • Compatible with MultiVolt Battery/Charger Starter Kit UC18YSL3B1
  • Compatible with Individual MultiVolt battery 372121M (BSL36B18) 36V/18V MultiVolt Lithium Ion Slide Battery (4.0Ah/8.0Ah)
  • Includes ET36A 36V MultiVolt AC Adapter

Voltage  36V
Battery Type  36V Lithium Ion Slide-Type 
Battery Amp Hour  4.0Ah
Battery Included 0
36V MultiVolt AC Adapter Compatible (Included)
Blade Diameter 10-in
Arbor 5/8-in
No-Load Speed- Low 4,000 RPM
Rail Slide Type Fixed
Miter Angle Left 48, Right 48 Degrees
Bevel Angle Left 55, Right 60 Degrees
Cut Capacity at 90 Degrees 3-1/2-in x 11-1/2-in or 2-1/2-in x 12-1/2-in
Cut Capacity at 45 Degrees (L/R) 3-1/2-in x 8-in or 2-1/2-in x 8-3/4-in
Cut at 45 Degree Bevel (Left) 1-3/4-in x 11-1/2-in or 1-5/8-in x 12-1/2-in
Cut at 45 Degree Bevel (Right) 1-in x 11-1/2-in or 3/4-in x 12-1/2-in
Cut at 45 Degree Miter/Bevel (Left) 1-3/4-in x 8-in or 1-5/8-in x 8-3/4-in
Cut at 45Degree Miter/Bevel (Right) 1-in x 8-in or 3/4-in x 8-3/4-in
Miter Detents 0, 15, 22.5, 31.6 and 45 Degrees
Laser Marker Equipped
LED Light Equipped
Front Bevel Lock Lever Equipped
Weight 45.5 lbs
Warranty- Tool Body 5-Year