W6VB3SD2 SuperDrive Collated Screw Fastening System with Extension

  • Model# W6VB3SD2
Discontinued Tool
Discontinued Tool

The W6VB3SD2 SuperDrive Collated Screw System delivers the perfect combination of speed and power to tackle decking and subfloor projects. The 20" extension shaft allows the user to install screws in a standing position, reducing user fatigue and improving productivity.
  • Ideal for decking installations, drywall, sub-floor, metal framing, underlayment, sheathing, siding, roof tile, cement board, fences, shear walls, panelization, metal deck stitching and pallets
  • 20" Extension allows the user to work from a grounded standing position without having get down on the floor or stand on a ladder for above the head applications
  • Features a no-load speed of 0-2,600 RPM and a max torque of 139.6 in-lbs, ideal for higher torque applications
  • Tool-free depth of drive adjustment requires only a press of a block and a turn of the knurled wheel to increase or decrease the depth of the screw
  • While other tools require multiple attachments for different length screws, the SuperDrive system is ready for work given it fastens from 5/8" to 3" screws with diameters from #6-#12    
  • Powerful 6.6 Amp motor (750 Watts of input power)
  • Body and handle of the screwdriver are covered in a soft, yet durable elastomer compound, which provides a comfortable and slip-resistant grip        
  • Belt hook incorporated into the body of the screwdriver adds convenience
  • Large trigger with lock-on for continuous use is designed for comfort and control during operation
  • Aluminum gear case and inner cover add durability and increase tool life
  • Plastic cover keeps the gear case from being scratched or damaged during extended use
  • 24.6 ft power cord is extra long to allow movement without the hassle of relocating to different power outlets
  • Download the W6VB3SD2 Tool Card


  • #2 Phillips Bit (Installed)
  • #2 Square Bit
  • #2 LOX Bit
  • Decking/Drywall Nose Piece