RP350YDH 9.2 Gallon Commercial HEPA Vacuum

  • Model# RP350YDH
Discontinued Tool
Discontinued Tool

The RP350YDH 9.2 Gallon Commercial HEPA Vacuum is used for the collection of dust generated when concrete and wood are ground, cut or drilled, for general cleaning, and for the collection of water spilled on the floor. It comes with two HEPA filters to capture more harmful dust particles, and helps with compliance for the recently instated OSHA 1926.1153 Crystalline Silica Dust Regulation. The RP350YDH can be used with Hitachi Dust Collection Attachments as well as other universal attachments in the market.

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  • 11 Amp motor with super-efficient design to provide maximum suction 
  • Powerful 130cfm of suction for material collection
  • Utilizes 2 HEPA filters to capture more harmful dust particles
  • Superior electromagnetic automatic filter cleaning senses when there is a reduction in suction & provides pulse cleaning of the HEPA filters while in use to prevent suction loss and maintain production
  • Tool actuated outlet allows the vacuum power to be turned on/off with the connected power tool
  • High liquid sensor senses when the liquid level in the tank reaches maximum fill and shuts vacuum off to prevent spills and motor damage
  • 9.2 Gallon durable polyethylene tank is optimal for commercial wet/dry applications
  • 34.6 lbs, lightweight design on castors facilitates maneuverability and ease of use
  • Exclusive accessory pack comes standard
  • Soft start ramps up to full power gradually
  • Over run feature allows vacuum to run for a few seconds after shut off to collect material left in hose
  • Large rear wheels for stability
  • Lockable front casters to keep vacuum form unwanted movement


  • (2) HEPA Filters (Installed)
  • 10' Hose
  • (1) Poly Bag with Closures 
  • Sealing Plug for Tank
  • Step Down Reducer
  • Onboard Accessory Caddy (installed)
Optional Accessories:
  • Fleece Bags  (370132)
  • PE Bags  (750463)
  • HEPA Filters  (338634)
  • Polyester Filters  (338633)

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