NR90AC5 3-1/2" Plastic Collated Framing Nailer

  • Model# NR90AC5
Discontinued Tool
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Discontinued Tool

The NR90AC5 3-1/2" Plastic Collated Framing Nailer is capable of driving 3-1/2" x 0.162" plastic collated nails into LVL and many other engineered lumber products. The well-balanced design makes it easy to maneuver with less user fatigue. It's tool-less depth of drive adjustment ensures proper driving depth- no matter the material. Switching between sequential and contact (bump) driving modes is easily achieved with the simple flip of a switch. The NR90AC5 has a two piece anodized aluminum magazine that features a simple two step nail loading process for quick and easy fastener replenishment.

  • Covered by Hitachi's 5-year professional warranty
  • Capable of driving up to 3-1/2" x 0.162" fasteners
  • Dry-fire lockout prevents empty (dry) firing for assured nail placement
  • Well-balanced for ease of maneuverability and less user fatigue
  • Selective actuation allows for quick changes between sequential and contact nailing with the flip of a switch
  • Tool-less depth adjustment to countersink or flush drive into a variety of materials
  • Two-piece anodized aluminum magazine makes repairs or replacements easy and with minimal expense
  • Two-step nail loading allows for quick and easy reloads
  • Rafter hook included for convenience
  • Open nose design for easy extraction of a jammed nail
  • Long-lasting rubber grip for added comfort
  • Hardened claw tip reduces wear and limits slippage when driving at a slanted angle
  • Download the NR90AC5 Tool Card


  • Safety Glasses (875769)
  • Rafter Hook (889078)