P20ST 3-1/4" Portable Planer

  • Model# P20ST
Discontinued Tool
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Discontinued Tool

The P20ST 3 1/4" Planer is capable of planing, beveling, rabbeting, tapering and side planing of a flush door. Its 5.5 amp motor powers the no-load speed to 17,000 RPM. This planer accepts disposable double edge blades, but includes durable re-sharpenable blades, which are both cost effective and allow for extended use. A max cutting depth of 1/16" gives the user flexibility, and the lightweight design decreases fatigue. The P20ST also allows for dust collection with a dust bag or vacuum attachment to keep the work surface clear of dust and debris.
  • Watch the Hitachi Tool Corner video demo for this planer
  • 5.5 Amp motor for forcible power for efficient cuts
  • Re-sharpenable blades allow for extended use
  • Lightweight at just 5.5 lbs for increased maneuverability and ease of use
  • Built-in kickstand prevents damage to the work surface when not in operation
  • Dust collection capability using either the included dust bag or vacuum attachment
  • Download the P20ST Tool Card


  • Steel Case  (334846)
  • Blade Sharpening Assembly  (314767)
  • Box Wrench  (940543)
  • Guide  (958842Z)
  • Set Gauge  (316419)
  • Dust Adapter  (334502) 
  • Dust Bag  (322955)