Metabo HPT Commercial Power Tools


Specialty Commercial

Demolition and Rotary Hammers


Impact Wrenches

Hammer Drills

Green Means GO with Metabo HPT


GO hard, GO longer, GO when others stop


MultiVolt 2Kx2K


✔ Ultimate job site flexibility

✔ MultiVolt tools can be run on a 36V battery or AC adapter

✔ MultiVolt AC Adapter has changed the job site by delivering all-day power for MultiVolt power tool

✔ MultiVolt batteries are compact and lightweight at only 2.1 lbs

✔ MultiVolt batteries are backwards compatible with 18V Metabo HPT power tools

User Vibration Protection

User Vibration Protection

✔ Reduces fatigue through an advanced system of counterweights, dampers, and low vibration handles

✔ Longer operator runtime without fatigue

✔ Reduced risk of vibration related injuries and nerve damage

✔ Increases the life of the tool by reducing burnout and wear

✔  Applies to models: DH40MEY, DH45MEY, DH52MEY, DH28PFY, H45MEY, H60MEY, H90SG 

Brushless Motor Technology

Brushless Motor Technology

✔  Industry First Power Tool with AC Brushless Motor

✔  No Brushes to replace or repair for less downtime and lower maintenance 

✔  Cooler running motors provides durability and extends tool life by reducing burnout and wear

✔  Smaller and lighter motor with better tool balance

✔  Stable power supply with IC chip control allows longer extension cords and use with generators

✔  Applies to models: DH40MEY, DH45MEY, DH52MEY, H45MEY, H60MEY

Aluminum housing body for power tools

Aluminum Housing Body

✔  High strength aluminum die cast with glass reinforced resin extends tool life

✔  Aluminium housing body quickly dissipates tool-generated heat

✔  The AHB adds durability to the tool, providing extra protection against impacts and tools drops

✔ The increased body rigidity provides less vibration to the motor and extends motor life

✔  Applies to models: DH40MEY, DH45MEY, DH45ME, DH52MEY, H45MEY, H60MEY, H65SD3, H90SG


Why Choose Metabo HPT

  • Engineering Excellence - Power is critical for your success,  which is why Metabo HPT has been building tools with cutting-edge technology to get you the more power while controlling size and weight
  • Tools designed for better feel with a focus on ergonomics and balance
  • Durability - For 70 years, Metabo HPT has been building tools engineered for the toughest jobs
  • Full line of Tools - From our 18 Volt to 36 Volt, we offer the best in impacts, saws, drivers, drills, hammers and more
  • Choose your platform
    • 18 Volt - Powering the professional 18V jobsite
    • 36 Volt - Taking jobsite power to a new level
    • 36 Volt/18 Volt - Power 18 Volt tools with 36 Volt batteries